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96% rectification assembly equipment
95-96.5% food grade alcohol equipment
milling section
Liquefaction and saccharification section
Fermentation section
Distillation section
99.9% fuel alcohol Anhydrous ethanol
DDGS equipment
CO2 recovery equipment
mini alcohol equipment
solid gel alcohol equipment
vinegar equipment
acetic acid equipment
99.9% high pure ethyl acetate equipment
furfural equipment
petroleumn refining equipment
bio diesel oil equipment
waste water treatment system
auto control equipment
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    Taian Gaodeng Co.,Ltd ,Taian Tianhe company belong to one Group Co.,Ltd. Total 55000 m2 area, 10000 m2 workshop, 126 workers,27 engineers.
     Main equipment:
     1. ALCOHOL ETHANOL EQUIPMENT.     Accordding customer different requirement, we can design and manufacture different process for alcohol ethanol equipment, you can choose 2 columns , 3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, for different pressure distill system, you can choose :3 columns, 4 columns, 5 columns, 6 columns, 7 columns, 8 columns, for energy save type , you can choose double mash column-double rectification column boil together system . for save money type , we can give you simple design, for the special require, we can design different column for treatment different material. even for old equipment, some spe. no good, we also can special design for them to get good quality.
     2. DDGS EQUIPMENT.      customer use wheat corn or sorghum etc product alcohol ethanol, the waste include much solid,the can use the waste to produce DDGS (animal food). Reduce pollution,and Gain profit.
     3. CO2 RECOVERY EQUIPMENT.    For alcohol ethanol fermentation section,CO2 will output during material fermentation. the CO2 recovery equipment can get it,Reduce pollution,and Gain profit.
     4. MINI ALCOHOL ETHANOL EQUIPMENT      Small capacty alcohol ethanol distillation equipment, special design for home and hotel used.
     5. SOLID ALCOHOL ETHANOL EUQIPMENT      Use 95% alcohol ethanol to produce solid or get alcohol ethanol, then the liquid alcohol ethanol will turn to solid or gel type, easily for transport or fire, also Increase usage security.
     6.VINEGAR EQUIPMENT     Use corn wheat sugar cane etc material or alcohol ethanol to produce edible standard white vinegar.
     7.ACETIC ACID EQUIPMENT     Use corn wheat sugar cane etc material or alcohol ethanol to produce HIGH PURITIES ACETIC ACID.
     8.ETHYL ACETATE EQUIPMENT     Use acetic acid and alcohol ethanol to produce high puritie ethyl acetate,can get edible standard product.
     9.FURFURAL EQUIPMENT     Use corn maize cob(hore) to produce high puritie furfual,can get edible standard product.
     10.CRUDE OIL REFINERY EQUIPMENT     Crude oil pre-treatment ,for remove salt and water , atmospheric section for get gasoline,kerosene, diesel oil,(then use hydrorefining process to get high octane gasoline and good quality kerosene and diesel oil) heavy oil feed to vacuum distillation section,then the resid oil can produce asphalt, the other VGO use catalytic cracking to get gasoline or diesel oil.
     11.AUTO CONTROL EQUIPMENT     whole set plant auto control system, include software and equipments.
     12.3D DESIGN .


rectification distill equipment---assembly system

 1. it is standard 96% alcohol equipment.
 2. three columns distill system, continue distill process, same as industry(large scale) alcohol equipment.
a. mash distill column for distill ferment mash or light alcohol.
b. the first rectification distill column for rise alcohol degree and separate fusel oil and high boil Impurities.
c. the second rectification distill column for rise alcohol degree to 95%, and separate low boil impurities such as Acetaldehyde and methanol .It can be used for crude distillation and rectification distillation of sweet potato, cassava, corn, wheat, beetroot juice, molasses ect in alcohol production.
 3. the rectification system use industry(large scale) standard process, but all the whole set alcohol equipment are installed in one frame, like Integration Module, even can run it by a button.total high 6.4 m.
 4. easy to learn, easy to control, easy to operate, even you know nothing about acohol process, you also can learn how to operate the equipment in 1 hour.
 5. before send the equipment to customer, we test(run) the whole set equipent and take video in our workshop , then debug all the parameters and confirm it, so, when our customer receive the equipment, only put the equipment in their workshop, connect electric is ok, 1 button can run it well.

equipment producing
the customer check the equipments that they order
alcohol equipment to be shipping
alcohol equipments made on site
alcohol equipments to be installed
some of finished alcohol equipments
heat exchanger for Myanmar customer 201307 send
BV certification for Uganda customer-2014
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